Crudo di Cuneo PDO ham’s traceability is guaranteed by branding or indelible ink applied by every link in the supply chain: at any time, it is possible to trace back through every step in the chain of production and to identify who is responsible for each production stage. All the steps are verified and checked by third parties appointed by the MIPAAF. Thus, careful examination reveals every stage undergone by each haunch:

A special indelible tattoo is placed by the farmer on both haunches of the pig, with its own identification code, the Province code and the month of birth of the animal.
The abattoir affixes branding, PP, as well as the ID of the abattoir itself.
Day, month and year of the beginning of curing are stamped on the rind of the ham. The date of commencement of the salting stage also represents the batch.
At the end of this long production process, after a careful examination of the conformity of each batch, a third-party body carries out the branding on the two longer sides of the haunch and on each portion, as the case may be. The branding is made directly by INOQ, the third party commissioned by the Ministry of agriculture and food. The mark symbolizes three important elements of the production area: the pointed shape of the mountains surrounding the production area, the capital city which has a “cuneo” (wedge) shape and the stylised form of Crudo di Cuneo’s ham. To be authentic, the Crudo di Cuneo PDO ham branding must be clearly visible on the rind.