Le attività


Management of production specification

The product specification, registered with the European Union, defines the rules relating to aspects of production of Crudo di Cuneo ham: from the breeds of pigs used to farming techniques, from the origin of the pigs’ food to the designation of the geographical area of production, through to processing methods and the characteristics of the finished product.

Protection of the designation

The Consortium is responsible for protecting the use of the "Crudo di Cuneo" designation and related labels, stamps and seals of approval and to suppress any abuse and any act of unfair competition concerning the sale of Crudo di Cuneo, both in Italy and abroad.

Compliance with regulations

The Consortium, through the action of supervising agents, checks the correct compliance of the laws and regulations of the European Union throughout the national territory with anyone who produces, packages, holds or sells Crudo di Cuneo ham. Any irregularity may be the subject of legal action under administrative, civil or criminal law.

Product marketing

The Consortium is responsible for promoting Crudo di Cuneo ham both in Italy and worldwide by developing advertising campaigns and promotional activities in collaboration with producers and retailers. The Consortium’s various communication activities include traditional advertising campaigns, e.g. in the press, adverts, as well as product promotional activities designed to emphasize and enhance the nutritional quality of Crudo di Cuneo.

Le attività